Privacy & Confidentiality

For us to deliver high quality care, we hold patient medical records, consultation details, test results, past prescriptions, and any other recorded treatments by past and current health professionals involved in your care and treatment. This information is stored securely and electronically for our health professionals to access.

We are sometimes required to disclose your personal medical records to other entities involved in your care. For instance, when you are referred to a specialist, we are obligated to provide information relevant to your treatment in a referral letter. Our practice uses automated technology within our clinical software program to ensure only relevant information is included in any referrals/letters prepared by the clinical staff. In return we receive results and information from the specialist.

In accordance with the Victorian Health Records Act 2001 you have an enforceable right of access to your health information, these requests must be made in writing to the practice manager.

SMS reminders

You will be sent an SMS reminding you of the date and time of your appointment the day before and the morning of your appointment. Please inform us if you wish to decline this service.

Email correspondence

Emails are only for general communication and not for urgency or emergency communication, your emails will acted upon within a 24 hour period.

Medical records

We operate a computer based medical record system. If you want to obtain information from your medical records please enquire at reception.

Please advise our receptionist should any of your personal details, address, phone number or circumstances change. Your Medicare Card, Health Care Card, Pension Card and other entitlements must be valid and up to date. 

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this centre to maintain security of health information at all times, and to ensure that this information is accessible only by authorised staff members.

Reminders & information

As part of our commitment to preventative care we may issue you with recalls, reminders and/or information by email, letter or SMS. Please inform us if you wish to decline this service.